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The Israelites had been slaves in Egypt for a very long time. They had to work hard and get no pay, and they weren’t allowed to leave. In their suffering they cried out. They cried out for someone to rescue them and God heard them. God loved them and wanted to give them a better life. He made a plan to rescue them. God decided to send a hero and set them free. The hero chosen was a man named Moses.

Moses wasn’t extra strong or brave, and he didn’t have any superpowers. He was a regular guy minding his own business. God knew all about Moses long before He chose him for this job. God saw the bad things Moses had done in his life and the ways Moses had failed. But God also saw the good things, the potential in Moses. God just needed Moses to step up and say, “I’m in, God. Let’s do this!”

It’s the same way with you and me. God knows our good and our bad. Yet He looks at us and loves us more than we can ever imagine. And He has great plans for us! He’s just waiting for us to step up and say, “I’m in!’

God’s love is INCREDIBLE! This love wasn’t just for Moses and God’s ancient chosen people. God also made a plan to rescue each of us from our sins and so He sent Jesus. Because Jesus died on the cross and rose again, we can be freed from our old lives and start new ones. We can live with Him in heaven forever!

God’s love is INCREDIBLE! God shows His love in amazing ways, and we can show our love for Him by showing love to others. What can you do today to show God’s incredible love?

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