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  1. Don’t let a bully make you feel bad about yourself

2. It might help if you tell the bully how you feel. Tell them what you want them to do in a calm way

3. Don’t cry. They want you to cry but you must try to stay calm.

4. Respond to the bully with humour. Smile at what they say and walk away.

5. Ask yourself – Is it worth it? If you think you might get hurt then give the bully what they want and walk away confidently. Make sure you tell an adult what has happened.

6. Don’t expect to be treated badly every time you see the bully. Try to think of them as a friend and try to be friendly. Treat them the way you want to be treated.

7. Stand up for other children who are bullied. Makes friends with them and let them know that they are not alone.

Remember, you can always speak to your parents, or any adults you trust. You have not done anything wrong and you will not be in trouble. Please do not try to cope by yourself, there will always be someone who can help you..