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Our Brixkidz Bible Art will focus on the story found in Exodus 3 and 4, which includes the story about something that burned but didn’t change. God did that and other amazing things to show His INCREDIBLE love for the Israelites.  

As you read this story, think about the amazing things God did to show His love and represent them in a creative way, whether through art drawing, poem, story, comic or song.

The people of Israel were living in Egypt as slaves. They cried out for someone to rescue them. God decided to send a hero, Moses and set them free. Moses, who wasn’t extra strong or brave, and he didn’t have any superpowers. He was a regular guy minding his own business. Moses had made mistakes and done some bad things but in spite of his past, God chose him.   Moses didn’t think he would make a very good hero. He started making up excuses – Excuses are really just ways of saying “I don’t want to or I am afraid. God didn’t get angry with Moses. He told Moses he would be a great hero because God would be with him.

God showed Moses 10 amazing things to prove that He will be there by his side Moses was still worried that he wasn’t able to rescue the Isrealites

Obedience was a struggle for Moses, as his own insecurities and past mistakes got in the way. But God reassured His fear­ful servant, as He reassures us. God hears us. He is with us. He has a plan to save us.

Let’s see if we can include all ten incredible ways God showed His love in this story in you drawing .

1—a burning bush

2— God speak burning bush

3—an ear – God heard the cries of His people in slavery

4— superhero figure Moses

5— Money Sign £ or $ Israelites leave with treasures – silver or gold  

6—a snake – staff into a snake

7—a shepherd’s staff – snake back into a staff

8—a spotted hand -Moses’ hand sick

9—a hand without spots -healed Moses’ hand

10—waving his hand -God sent Moses’ brother, Aaron

See if you can get these in your Brixkidz Bible Art creation