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For this weeks’ Bible Art challenge we will be reading chapters 7 to 12 of Exodus (a book in the Bible) and then creating a comic strip! Create your comic strip showing Moses the Hero taking the Israelites out of Egypt with God’s help. There is lots to draw, frogs, gnats, boils, thunder, locusts and much more!

You can download a blank comic strip that you can fill in here.

Don’t worry if that is a lot for you to read. Below are the individual Bible texts that give the outline for the 10 plagues for you to read about and draw.

1. Water to Blood: Ex. 7:14–24

2. Frogs: Ex. 7:25–8:15

3. Lice or gnats: Ex. 8:16-19

4. Wild animals or flies: Ex. 8:20-32

5. Pestilence of livestock: Ex. 9:1–7

6. Boils: Ex. 9:8–12

7. Thunderstorm of hail and fire: Ex. 9:13–35

8. Locusts: Ex. 10:1–20

9. Darkness for three days: Ex. 10:21–29

10. Death of firstborn: Ex. 11:1–12:36
Ex. 11:1–12:36

We can’t wait to see your comics!