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This week’s Bible challenge calls on you to be hands-on and more creative. After reading Exodus 35 – 40 you are going to try and make a 3D model of the Tabernacle the Lord commanded Moses to make. Of course, if you cant make the model you can always draw it and make sure you include the 7 pieces of furniture that were mentioned in these chapters. Another possibility is that you can make models of the different pieces of furniture mentioned.

Below is a summary of the chapters but be sure to read the full version of the bible to get the full understanding and detailed information that will help you to create your design.

Ex35:  Moses called for craftsmen to make the tabernacle and the the people gave gifts for the work.

Ex36: The people gave more than enough. The craftsmen made the curtains. Bezalel made the curtains, the boards, the veil and the pillars.

Ex37: Bezalel made the ark with its cherubim, the table, the lampstand and the incense altar. He made the anointing oil and the incense.

Ex38: Bezalel made the altar of burnt offering, the laver and the court. Ithamar kept an inventory of the gold, silver and bronze used.

Ex39: They made the ephod, breastplate, tunics, turban and sash for Aaron. Moses saw that it had all been made as the LORD had commanded.

Ex40: Moses set up the tabernacle and brought the ark into it, as the LORD had commanded. Then the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle.