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This week’s Bible Art challenge is based on Numbers chapter 9 to chapter 14. You task is to read a chapter each day and draw cartoon pictures to summarise it.

You can use the cartoon template provided here or you can draw each picture on a separate sheet.

Below is a summary of each chapter you can use to help you with your comic outline.

Num9: The Fiery Cloud – Whenever the cloud lifted from the tabernacle they journeyed.

Num10: The two silver trumpets to direct the congregation. The Israelites leave Sinai.

Num11: The people complained that they had no meat. The LORD sent quails. Moses chooses seventy elders to help.

Num12: Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses. The LORD was angry and Miriam became leprous. Moses prayed and after seven days she returned.

Num13: Moses sent men to spy out the land of Canaan. Caleb said, “Let us go up,” but the others said that the inhabitants were too strong.

Num14: The people grumbled so the LORD said that they would spend forty years in the wilderness. They went up to the land but were defeated.