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This week’s Bible Art challenge is based on Ruth chapter 1 to chapter 4. You task is to read a chapter each day and draw cartoon pictures to summarise it.

You can use the cartoon template provided here or you can draw each picture on a separate sheet.

Below is a summary of each chapter you can use to help you with your comic outline.

Ruth1: Naomi, an Ephraimite, lived in Moab. Her husband and two sons died so she returned to Bethlehem with her daughter-in-law, Ruth.

Ruth 2: Naomi had a rich relative named Boaz. Ruth went to glean in his fields. Boaz gave her food and told his men to leave grain for her.

Ruth 3: Naomi told Ruth to go and sleep at Boaz’s feet. When Boaz awoke, Ruth said, “You are my kinsman.” Boaz said that he would marry her.

Ruth 4: Boaz settled the inheritance with another kinsman and married Ruth. Ruth bore a son, Obed. Obed was father of Jesse, father of David.