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This week’s Bible Art challenge is based on 1 Samuel chapter 1 to chapter 6. Your task is to read a chapter each day and draw pictures to summarise it. Do share your drawings with us here.

Below is a summary of each chapter you can use to help you with your drawing but do read the story for yourself to understand it fully.

1 Sam 1: Hannah had no children so she prayed to the LORD and He blessed with a son, Samuel,  whom she took to the priest Eli and dedicated him to the Lord.

1 Sam 2: Hannah continued to pray to the LORD on. Eli’s sons did evil but Samuel served the LORD.

1 Sam 3: The LORD called Samuel 3 times while he was in bed and Eli told Samuel to answer and what to say. When Samuel answered and said, “Speak, LORD” he was told that the House of Eli was about to be judged.

1 Sam 4: The Israelites were defeated by the Philistines and Eli’s sons were killed. When Eli heard that the ark had been captured, he died.

1 Sam 5: The Philistines put the ark in their temple. Their god fell on his face before it. The city became cursed so they sent the ark away.

1 Sam 6: The Philistines sent the ark away with guilt offerings. The people of Beth Shemesh found it and rejoiced but some were struck down.