Bible Art Challenge 1 Samuel 18-24

This week’s Bible Art challenge is based on 1 Samuel chapter 18 to chapter 24. Your task is to read a chapter each day and draw pictures to summarise it. Do share your drawings with us here.

Below is a summary of each chapter you can use to help you with your drawing but do read the story for yourself to understand it fully.

1 Sam 18: Jonathan loved David. Saul set David over the army but became jealous and tried to kill him. David married Saul’s daughter Michal.

1 Sam 19: Jonathan warned David about Saul. David escaped and fled to Samuel. Saul went after David but the Spirit of God made him prophesy.

1 Sam 20: David and Jonathan agreed a sign. Saul was angry with Jonathan when David was not at the feast. Jonathan told David, “Go quickly!”

1 Sam 21: Ahimelech the priest gave David consecrated bread and Goliath’s sword. David fled to King Achish of Gath and pretended he was mad.

1 Sam 22: About four hundred men joined David. Saul ordered that all the priests be killed because they helped David. Only Abiathar escaped.

1 Sam 23: David and his men saved Keilah from the Philistines. Saul came to Keilah so David escaped. Saul gave chase but he was called away.

1 Sam 24: Saul went after David. David cut off a piece of Saul’s robe but spared his life. Saul wept and said, “You shall surely be king.”


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