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This week’s Bible Art challenge is based on 1 King chapter 5 to chapter 11. Your task is to read a chapter each day and create a piece of art to represent the story based on your interpretation.

You can be as creative as you wish and present your art in any form. Do share your artwork with us here

Below is a summary of each chapter you can use to help you with your artwork.

1Kgs5: Solomon sent to King Hiram: “I will build a house for the LORD. Cut down cedars for me.” The workers prepared the timber and stones.

1Kgs6: Solomon built the temple. The LORD said, “If you walk in my ways I will dwell with Israel.” Solomon overlaid the temple with gold.

1Kgs7: Solomon built his own house. Hiram made pillars, the sea and utensils for the temple of bronze. Solomon made the furniture of gold.

1Kgs8: The priests brought the ark into the temple. Solomon said, “O LORD, if anyone prays toward this place then hear from heaven and act.”

1Kgs9: The LORD said to Solomon, “If you walk in my ways I will establish your throne.” Solomon did not make slaves of the sons of Israel.

1Kgs10: The queen of Sheba came to test Solomon. She gave him gold, spices and precious stones. Solomon excelled all the kings of the earth.

1Kgs11: Solomon had many wives and turned to other gods. Ahijah told Jeroboam that the LORD would give him ten of the tribes. Solomon died.