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Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites

On Friday we have our live Friday Favourite for children using Zoom and streaming on our website and social media platforms. We are happy to have your child/ren join us this and every Friday at 7:30 pm.

We ask that you help prepare your child in what they want to present as their favourite. This could be favourite:

  • Bible character, story, parable, etc.
  • Favourite VBS/Holiday Bible Song (if they have one) or hymn, or gospel song
  • Favourite things to do at church, at school, at home with their family or siblings
  • Favourite book they read that helps them stay positive
  • Favourite person outside their family who motivate or influence them – could be grandparents, teachers, pastors etc…
  • Etc.

You can add to this list. Please make sure that they can recite the verse or sing part of the song or able to give an explanation as to why it is their favourite. The aim is to have their story influence other children to have a song in their heart and a text on their lips.

Please do share with other parents who you know and think this could be good for their children.     

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