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About Us

A visionary, Creative, Child-friendly organisation

we are An official distributor for Group Publishing

Equip children today to reach their community tomorrow and impact their world for a lifetime

We create and host child friendly events that are welcoming, fun, safe, educational, well planned and resourced. We hope that through our various initiatives’ children will participate in the life and worship of their faith community, develop strategies to cope with problems, develop positive mindsets, resilience and a sense of high self-esteem.

We are committed to

knowing and serving communities of children and their families.

To provide children with opportunities and platforms to develop personal skills and positively impact others in their communities

Our Passion

To provide a secure and fun environment both at physical events and online, in which children will be inspired, entertained and encouraged to learn and develop. 

Our Hopes

To work with schools, churches youth groups and community organisations assisting them to create fun, interactive events for their children as well as working together to impact the larger community

We Do




We create online videos and resources


We work with children to help them reach their full potential.


We run various Vacation Bible School programs ONLINE & throughout the UK.


We host various fun interactive events for children


We offer bespoke training courses and resources..


We work collaboratively with community organisations and faith groups