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Attitude and Positive Mindset

As you go through life make it your goal – Look at the donut and not focus on the hole. Another newsletter from Dionne-Rose for parents to use with after watching Brixkidz Live-Attitude and use this as a follow up for the younger children. Click here for the full lesson with a link to the story and instructions…

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Learning to Care

Caring requires bravery and generosity, because they involve a lot of effort.. Dionne-Rose reminds us of how important it is to care for each other using the story of the Good Samaritan and how we can practice this command of God by caring for plants. Be sure to watch Brixkidz Live-Caring and use this as a follow…

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Learning to Share

To be kind and share is one thing we want all our children to be able to do. Dionne-Rose reminds us of how important it is to share what we have with the story of the boy who shared his lunch and blessed more than 5000 people. Be sure to watch Brixkidz Live-Sharing and use this…

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Learning to be Patient

The ability to wait for something without frustration is a necessary skill and a good aspect of one’s personality. Dionne-Rose reminds us, through the story of Jacob and Rachel, of the importance of being patient and gives us a Pom Pom Blowing challenge to help us learn how to demonstrate patience. Be sure to watch Brixkidz…


BrixKidz Guide to Revision

No one looks forward to exams or tests. But if you are organised, they don’t have to be difficult and stressful. Be sure to find time for some fun in between your study. Here’s our guide to stress-less revision. an action plan