Involve children in your church services with BrixKidz Picture Preachers

Each week give every child a picture preachers sheet and encourage then to listen and then DRAW what they here during the story or sermon (main message) in your church service.

They should use the set area on the Picture Preachers sheet to do this. Sheets can be given out each week or children have had their own pad of sheets which they bring with them every week.

You can customise the sheets to include prayer requests or scripture reading but the main purpose of the sheet is for the children to draw and in doing so tell a story.

What do you do with the drawings?

We have trialled a number of solutions over the years. You should do what is best for your church.

Here are just some of the possible options:

  • collect each drawing and upload to church website anonymously where they can be voted on each week, the one with the highest number of votes wins a prize
  • collect each drawing and and choose a winner each week
  • display each drawing on the website in a gallery, flipbook or weekly update
  • display each drawing at as posters at church
  • encourage children to give their drawing to a friend/neighbour each week as a way of sharing the message
  • turn drawings into postcards or greeting cards which can be distrubuted
  • choose the best drawings and place them on mugs/cushions/calendars which can be given as gifts
  • display the best drawings from the previous week during every service or in the bulletin as a reminder of last weeks message.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or would like assistance setting up picture preachers in your church.